Eye of the Phoenix
Divinite Jewellry


A true to the soul born and raised Atlanta native, reared in East Point, Georgia by my two lovely parents in a beautifully soulful neighborhood that ignited the gift of handmade arts inside my heart. As a child, I always made an attempt towards my own vision of style through my dolls, play-doh, tea-sets and pretty much anything that would bend or change that I could use to express my individuality.

I began working with hand arts such as knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, sewing, drawing, writing, and poetry. I received no fancy formal training in these activities only but the training I received from our Divine Father. My inspirational core for all that I do is family. As a self-representing artist, I now am able to join in the ancient generational tradition of jewelry artistry.

Through jewelry, I am able to assist with conveying a message or a special moment in time through the usage of beads, decorated jewelry and precious stones. With the inception of my young endeavor, Divinite' Jewellry, Cultural Adornment by Porchia, I get to add to this with the message of strength, beauty & sensuality.

My jewelry is designed so that one may be able to pass along their jewels to their next generation of style. Jewelry is definitely an art and is a part of our richly evolving culture. Through Divinite' Jewellry, I want women to embrace themselves through the adornment of artful jewelry.

I currently reside in Atlanta with my loving, artistic and soulfully inspiring husband and our two lovely furry kids, our dogs. Our studio is our home and our home is our studio, which currently brims with beads and paint galore, from all over the world. I use components that have traveled far to reach my hands to your lovely home.

Each piece created definitely has a story and most with a history behind them. My beads express beauty from several cultures and eras very evident in my line. From African, Indonesian, Chinese and Nepalese to Mediterranean, vintage, modern and urban contemporary, your art of adornment mate will find you surely, always…..

Adorn yourselves, beautifully. You are the queen that you are meant to be.


Porchia Coleman

Owner & Designer of Divinite' Jewellry