Eye of the Phoenix
Divinite Jewellry

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my shop, Divinite' Jewellry. Divinite' Jewellry is geared toward anything that celebrates and uplifts the beautiful species known as "Woman". Men are also exalted as well for without each other, woman & man, there is nothing. Each piece in my shop is handmade with the thought of making each wearer of my pieces feel absolutely stunning, without breaking the bank. Some pieces are simply for mental and emotional pleasure while others will provoke inquiring minds "conversation". Through Divinite' Jewellry, I seek for the understanding of what women truly are: Walking Art Forms of Beauty, Grace and Strength.

What are memories without some wonderful photos to chronicle those good times? Take a look at our gallery to view past events, previous collections and videos. Enjoy!

Note: I rarely duplicate pieces as I love moving onto the next project & ensure that each piece is a guaranteed one-of-a-kind. However, sometimes, I will do a remake of some items if they really hit me and makes a nice impact on various wearers.


Porchia Coleman

Owner & Designer of Divinite' Jewellry