September 2010, Parents In Pursuit was conceived from a dual passion for parents. First, as an educator for more than 20 years, I desire to instruct parents on how to successfully deal with school administrators and teachers. Second, I am committed to equitable parent representation at every level of government, where decisions are made that impact their children's education. September 2011, came the birth of Parents In Pursuit--Giving A Voice To Parents In Education.

A casual conversation with almost any parent will attest to the daunting task of assuring their children's success in a public school. Children are often faced with the challenges of bullying, negative behaviors in classrooms, gangs, violence, severe peer pressures, jaded teachers, overbearing administrators, etc. These challenges often lend themselves to broken focus and ultimately minimum success.

As a member of PIP you will reap the benefits of forming alliances with other caring and concerned parents--know that you are never alone.