Dr. Revette M. Thomas

Dr. Revette M. Thomas is among the voices advocating on behalf of education, school leadership, parental involvement and family related issues. She is an Educator, NCLB Title II-A Consultant, Seminar Leader, and Counselor. She has spent years researching and understanding today's students, parents, and teachers. Dr. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Art Degree in Journalism; Master of Science Degree in Curriculum & Education and Doctorate in Education and Counseling. She has spent the last 20 years in a range of professions from Operations Program Manager for Jane Addams Hull House to a Chicago Public School Teacher to Co-Founder and President of Totally Committed, Inc. Dr. Thomas' outstanding performances support her life's ambition to expand her commitment and dedication to the learner.


I believe that institutions should be totally committed to providing quality educational services and should be accountable to the communities they serve. I welcome the challenge of giving and sharing leadership that supports these goals. I further believe that by uniting our energies and supporting our educational system, we will be able to keep our students academically challenged and better prepared for life.

She was born in Chicago, Illinois where she attended Chicago Public Schools. As a Beta Club member in high school, she was afforded a rare opportunity--to work as an apprentice bookkeeper at a prominent florist shop. Consequently, that experience led her to enroll at Robert Morris College, where she studied accounting and secretarial science. That was only the beginning of her educational pursuits. She later attended Kennedy-King College, Roosevelt University, Illinois School of Professional Psychology, GMOR University, Northwestern University and National Louis University.

She has served at various levels in education through teaching and leadership with dedication and distinction. She has been a public school classroom teacher; drama coach, character education coach and four-time Character Education grant recipient; and facilitator for a public school parent group. Currently, she serves as a NCLB Title II-A Consultant for public schools, a Motivational Speaker and Counselor. She provides consultant services for public and private schools as well as two and four year colleges throughout the country. TCI provides individual and group counseling services for first time non-violent offenders in Clayton County Judicial Circuit Court.

She has given presentations to a variety of organizations including: educational associations, middle and high schools, churches, youth groups, and parenting groups. She appeared on Channel 7's "Someone You Should Know"; was featured in Northwestern University's Inquiry Magazine; and the Chicago Educator.

Dr. Thomas' interest in providing training to improve teaching practices and student academic achievement stems from a background of training and experience in the areas of human development, leadership, and community service. She is always eager to promote learning and development of the student by setting the atmosphere to motivate not only the student, but also individuals within the educational arena.

Dr. Revette M. Thomas has spent many years getting to know and understand the nature of today's issues that parents, teachers, and students face. She has successfully dealt with many of the challenges of today's students throughout her career as a professional educator and parent.